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  • Welcome to the Future!
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Welcome to the future...

What is BuzzNet? BuzzNet is the future of business listings. Focused on creating a business directory for local businesses, but BuzzNet is more than just a listing site, future updates will include many business tools. Currently clients have the freedom to update there own contact information, services and company logo. Premium listings have the option to run monthly specials and events on their profiles.

We want to create a platform for all and any businesses to interact, work together and become successful by supplying you with all the marketing tools you need in one place. Our site will be your marketing tool 24/7.

What does it cost? Our basic listing is free of charge, so sign up and you instantly have access to your own control panel.

Need more than just a listing, we have you covered. From just R 299 p/m you will get a premium listing, a 3 page custom design website, your own .co.za domain with hosting and 5 email addresses.

For more information please visit our pricing plan or contact us.

How do I register?

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